Welcome ! Education Pays – Get Yours is a pilot social marketing campaign targeting youth in the Mt. Pleasant, Slavic Village and Central neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio. The campaign started in December 2008 and is moving into its' final phase. You may have seen Education Pays-Get Yours billboards, bus signs, radio and tv ads, posters distributed by our street teams, etc. As part of the final push at promoting the importance of education we have established web blogs for each neighborhood. These social networking tools will give residents an opportunity to discuss the campaign and the importance of getting an education.

Mark C. Batson
Executive Director
PolicyBridge, Inc.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog Buddy--PolicyBridge Chairman: Randell McShepard (Part 2)

I would be remiss if I did not also mention that education pays in many ways that go well above and beyond a paycheck or financial status. An educated citizenry elects and holds accountable high caliber elected officials. An educated citizenry challenges school districts to be culturally competent and outcome driven. An educated citizenry also develops new solutions to old problems and does not wait for the proverbial “calvary” to come and save them….they save themselves. Therefore, I contend that the stakes are too high for our city, our region and our nation to miss the boat on the importance of educating our future generations. A failure to do so will not only erode the economic tax base of our community, but it will also unravel the social fabric that has kept our communities resilient and progressive for decades.

Simply put, education is the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s help our kids to receive and utilize the most important gift they could ever hope for.

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