Welcome ! Education Pays – Get Yours is a pilot social marketing campaign targeting youth in the Mt. Pleasant, Slavic Village and Central neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio. The campaign started in December 2008 and is moving into its' final phase. You may have seen Education Pays-Get Yours billboards, bus signs, radio and tv ads, posters distributed by our street teams, etc. As part of the final push at promoting the importance of education we have established web blogs for each neighborhood. These social networking tools will give residents an opportunity to discuss the campaign and the importance of getting an education.

Mark C. Batson
Executive Director
PolicyBridge, Inc.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Grand Prize for Young Blogger -- Computer !

A lucky 10 to 13 year old from Slavic Village, Mt. Pleasant, or the Central Neighborhoods of Cleveland, will win a Computer and Printer. All you have to do is contribute the most combined posts, comments, drawings, music, and photos.

Grand Prize:

Dell Dimension with Windows XP. Harman Kardan Speakers. LexMark Printer. Used but in perfect working condition. Deadline September 1st.

Hickman Media Consultants is donating the computer system to further the Education Pays goals of PolicyBridge and it’s neighborhood partners.

Tell your friends . Check put this blog every day for more prizes for Best Post, Best Comment, Best Photos, Best Original Video, Best Original Music. All contributions subject to release form signed by parents. Click the comment line below this post and request a form sent to your parent's email address.


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